2x4Basics® Flip Top Bench to Table Instructions

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The 2x4Basics® pivoting bench table is a versatile alternative to traditional picnic tables, can convert from a bench to a table in less than ten seconds, and can be custom-sized up to eight-feet long.

Flip-top pivoting table bench

The bench-table comes with table frame, hardware, and instructions. You'll need to supply the lumber and tools to assemble the kit. The tools needed for assembly are:

  • tape measure, pencil, and/or Sharpie
  • saw to cut the lumber to size
  • drill and drill bits to pre-drill screw holes and attach screws
  • a combination of adjustable wrench and/or socket(s) to tighten the 'jam nuts' (fancy word for locking nuts) onto the pivot bolts

A drill bit extension makes assembling the bench-table much easier because the flange on the table legs pushes the drill body slightly off-center, so the Phillips bit doesn't sit perfectly straight in the screw head. You can still put the bench together without the bit extender, but it's only a few dollars and makes it much(!) easier to install the screws. The image below shows the bench-table parts included in the kit:

Fliptop bench table parts and instructions

Flip-top bench to table instructions

The instructions were easy to understand for the most part. The sliding locks took a couple of tries, but everything else was relatively straightforward. It took less than an hour to assemble including cutting the lumber to size, but I'm fairly handy. If you haven't done many DIY projects, it will obviously take longer. The image below shows the finished flip top bench-table.

Fliptop bench-tablefully assembled

Bench to table lumber

The 2x4Basics flip top bench table is designed for 2x4 lumber, but you can also use 2x6 lumber. 2x4Basics says composite lumber is not recommended, and that painting the frame pieces will void the warranty. The bench-table comes with a two-year warranty.

Bench to table dimensions

The length of the bench-table is up to you (up to 8' in length), but from the ground to the top of the bench is 17.5 inches. The top of the bench to the top of the table is 13.5 inches, and from the ground to the top of the table is 31 inches.

The 2x4Basics products are made from structural foam plastic resins, and the maximum length for the bench-table is eight feet. The eight-foot table needs additional bracing which is outlined in the instructions. The table pivots into a bench by pulling out the slide locks and pushing the tabletop down towards the bench. To put it back into the table position, just swing the tabletop back into position and push the slide locks back into place. Be sure to push the slide locks all the way in to securely lock the tabletop, otherwise if someone leans on the end of the table it will swing down and the tabletop will probably hit them square in the face.

Where to buy the 2x4Basics flip-top bench to table

The only 2x4Basics product available to us locally is their shelving kit at Lowes, so we bought the bench to table kit on Amazon. They carry the flip top bench to table (ad), a bench only kit, and a picnic table kit. All the kits are parts and hardware only - you'll need to supply the lumber and the tools to put the kits together. Here's an Amazon link for the bit extension if you need one.

Works well for our needs

The flip-top bench to table we made was four feet long which was inexpensive because it only needed five 8-foot 2x4s, and the small size makes it a lot easier for one person to move around the yard. If it ends up being too small, we can always build a second one and put them back-to-back. I'm not very good with Paint Shop Pro so you'll need to use your imagination a bit, but the image below (sort of) shows how two finished bench-tables would look back-to-back to make a picnic table.

Picnic table made from two fliptop bench-tables

Flip top bench to table video

Here's a short video showing how to assemble the 2x4Basics pivoting bench table.