Dewalt 20V Cordless Battery Chainsaw

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Don't let the 12" bar fool you - the Dewalt 20V cordless chainsaw packs a surprising amount of power in a compact package, and can handle a variety of small to medium sized jobs most homeowners encounter.

Dewalt 12" chainsaw dimensions

Fully assembled, the Dewalt 12" chainsaw measures roughly 24L x 9.5W x 8.5H and weighs a little over 8 pounds with the bar oil added.

Dewalt chainsaw features

There's an oil sight level to let you know how much oil is left in the reservoir, and there's an automatic oiler that lubricates the chain while you're cutting. The Dewalt chainsaw has a tool-free chain tensioner and a bar tightening knob for maintaining proper bar tension. Both operate by simply loosening the locking knob, making the proper adjustments, then re-locking the knob. The chainsaw came fully assembled - the only thing left to do was charge the battery and add bar oil.

Starting the cordless chainsaw

Once you've charged the battery and added the bar oil, the only thing you need to do to start the chainsaw is insert the battery and pull the trigger. No more primer bulbs, chokes, or pull cords. It couldn't be easier!

Dewalt chainsaw won't start

If you can depress the trigger, the obvious reason is a dead or defective battery, or the battery isn't seated all the way into the chainsaw - it needs to 'click' into place. If you can't depress the trigger, it's probably the chain brake.

Like most chainsaws, the Dewalt battery chainsaw comes with a safety feature called a chain brake. The chainsaw is shipped with the chain brake on, which means it's in the forward position. In order to start the chainsaw, you'll need to turn the chain brake off by pulling the handle back towards the chainsaw. The image below shows the chain brake on, on the left side of the image, and the chain brake off, on the right side of the image.

Dewalt battery chainsaw chain brake positions

Dewalt chainsaw oil leak

Before buying the chainsaw we read quite a few reviews at Amazon as well as the Dewalt website, and some users were saying the chainsaw leaked oil from the oil filler cap. It seemed surprising that a company like Dewalt would allow a product to be released with that kind of defect so I bought the chainsaw anyway. We've been using the chainsaw for a few weeks and it hasn't leaked any oil at all.

I'm pretty sure what people are mistaking for an oil leak is the normal pooling of bar oil around the sprocket. The automatic oiler continuously coats the chain with bar oil and when the saw is shut off, the excess oil will drip out the bottom of the chainsaw near the sprocket. That's not an oil leak - that's normal. My Stihl gas chainsaws have always done the same thing. The image below shows where to look if there's excess oil on the chainsaw.

Dewalt chainsaw oil leak location

Dewalt cordless chainsaw warranty

The Dewalt chainsaw comes with a 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90-day money back guarantee, which is a really good warranty for a chainsaw.

Buying the Dewalt 12" chainsaw

The Dewalt chainsaw comes either as a bare tool or as a kit. The kit we bought included the chainsaw, chain, 12" bar, bar scabbard, charger (DCB115), and 5Ah battery. This Amazon listing (ad) has both the bare tool and kit on the same page. The only other item you'll need to buy is bar oil . If you think the 20V chainsaw might not have enough power, take a look at the 16" Dewalt 60V Flexvolt instead.

As the saying goes, good things sometimes come in small packages and the Dewalt 12" cordless chainsaw is a good thing.