Heavy-Duty 1/4-inch Pegboard Peghook Sets

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The first thing we did when reorganizing our workshop was to buy new metal pegboard and heavy-duty peghooks. Finding the 1/4" pegboard was easy as there are quite a few choices, but finding a good set of heavy duty 1/4" pegboard hooks was surprisingly difficult.

1/4-inch peghooks vs. 1/8-inch peghooks

Shopping for peghooks on Amazon became very time consuming. Quite a few of the sellers have the peghooks listed as 1/4", but they're really 1/8" peghooks and won't fit properly in 1/4" pegboard. Technically they'll fit, but they don't sit in the pegboard properly. If you wear a size 10 shoe, your foot will fit in a size 11 shoe, but they won't be very comfortable or safe to walk around in. 1/4" pegboard needs 1/4" peghooks.

1/4" Heavy-Duty Peghook Sets

Walmart, Lowe's and Harbor Freight all sell 1/4" peghooks, but most have too many standard 4" and 6" peghooks, and not enough L-hooks, U-hooks, and J-hooks in the assortment. Amazon had more choices for 1/4" peghook sets so that's where we ended up, and purchased the Madd Tools Double Density 60-Piece Peghook Set (ad).

We looked for peghooks made in America, but all were made in China. Although the Madd Tools peghook set is made in China, it's designed in America, and a piece of the pie is better than none at all.

Types of peghooks in the Madd Tools peghook set

The Madd Tools DD 60-piece 1/4" peghook set includes:

  • 4 - 4" standard hooks
  • 2 - 6" standard hook
  • 1 - double hook
  • 12 - L hooks small
  • 8 - L hooks large
  • 6 - U hooks large
  • 4 - U hooks small
  • 6 - J hooks
  • 5 - small tool holders
  • 1 - 6-slot tool rack
  • 5 - ring hangers (screwdriver hangers)
  • 3 baskets, small medium large
  • 3 spacers for the baskets

The outside dimensions of the baskets are: 6 x 3 x 2.5 inches, 8 x 4 x 3.5 inches, and 10 x 6 x 4 inches. The three spacers are counted as part of the overall package, so you get 54 peghooks, 3 baskets, and 3 spacers for a total of 60 pieces. The image below shows our Madd Tools Double D 60-piece peghook set:

Heavy-duty 1/4" peghook set

Smaller 1/4" Heavy-Duty Peghook Set:

Althought the Madd 1/4" peghook set was really nice, we needed a few more 1/4" peghooks, but didn't need the baskets, so we ended up buying this 50-piece peghook set (ad) on Amazon.

Types of peghooks in the smaller peghook set

The smaller 50-piece 1/4" peghook set includes:

  • 10 - large U-hooks
  • 6 - small J-hooks
  • 5 - tool holders
  • 1 - 6-slot tool rack
  • 5 - standard 6" hooks
  • 1 - double 6" straight hook
  • 5 - ring holders (screwdriver holders)
  • 17 - L-hooks
  • 13 - endcaps

The image below shows the 50-piece heavy-duty 1/4" peghook set:

Heavy-duty 37-piece peghook set

More options for 1/4-inch peghook sets:

If you don't need the full 60-piece Madd set (ad) or want something less expensive, here are a few other options for 1/4" peghook sets (all from Amazon). Even if the peghooks sets aren't exactly what you need, it should bring up some related 1/4" peghook sets which will save you from having to sort through dozens of 1/8" peghook sets.

The peghook sets we bought fit in both the standard 1/4" pressboard pegboard, as well as the 1/4" metal pegboard. They're both nice heavy-duty peghook sets that offers a great assortment of shapes and sizes.

Heavy-duty peghook videos:

Here are a couple of videos showing the Madd 60-piece heavy-duty peghook set on the left and the 50-piece peghook set on the right: