Fahrenheit to Celsius Wireless Thermometers

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A good way to wean yourself from Fahrenheit temperatures and move towards learning Celsius temperatures is to set up two wireless thermometers - one set to Fahrenheit, the other set to Celsius. In this article we'll take a look at how two thermometers can help you practice the Metric System.

Learning Celsius temperatures

Setting up two different thermometers helps you practice the Metric System in two ways. First; because weather temperatures change gradually, you'll get several days of the same (or similar) temperatures which helps cement the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion. And second; the temperature changes every day so you'll be introduced to new Celsius temperatures each day, and even throughout the day, offering more opportunities to learn the Metric System.

Tips for setting up your wireless thermometers

To get an accurate °F to °C temperature comparison, you'll want to have the outdoor sensors set side-by-side, preferably on the north side of the house. The image below shows the two outdoor sensors zip-tied to the deck railing.

F to C wirless outdoor sensors

Once the outdoor sensors are in place and have synched with the indoor receivers, leave both indoor receivers set to Fahrenheit for a few days in order to see how closely calibrated they are. The wireless thermometer models in this article are base models and although they're dependable, they can be off by maybe half a degree.

After you've determined the accuracy of the Fahrenheit readings on the two indoor receivers, change one of the receivers to Celsius and leave the other in Fahrenheit. The image below shows the larger receiver in the middle set to °C, and the smaller sensor on the right set to °F. The humidity monitor on the left is there just to help calibrate the indoor temperatures.

wireless thermometer receivers set the °F and °C

Basic °F to °C wireless thermometers

The wireless thermometers shown in this article are widely available and not very expensive. The larger black model in the center is the AcuRite 00424CA (ad) digital thermometer on Amazon, and the small white model is simply called the AcuRite wireless thermometer. If you want something more elaborate (but more expensive), Amazon also carries the AcuRite weather station, and the La Crosse forecast station, which has a color display.

Choose Celsius, not Fahrenheit

Once the wireless thermometers are set, learning the Celsius temperature is all up to you. Checking the Celsius temperature and guessing the corresponding Fahrenheit temperature has turned into a kind of Metric System game for us, and there's no better way to learn something new than to make it fun.