How To Calculate Square Meters

Calculating square meters in the Metric System is almost the same as calculating square feet in the current Imperial System. The terminology might be different, but the formula is the same. In this article we'll use roof shingles as an example for how to calculate square meters.

How to calculate square feet

We rarely use yards as a measurement in the current Imperial System construction industry. No matter how long a driveway, or how big a house, we use feet as a measurement. The formula for calculating square feet is length x width, so if you have a 40 foot x 30 foot roof, the square foot formula would be 40' (length) x 30' (width), which equals 1200 square feet. There are 100 square feet in a square of roof shingles so that side of the roof would need 12 squares (36 bundles) of roof shingles.

How to calculate square meters

The Metric System uses meters, centimeters, and millimeters. The formula for calculating square meters is also length x width, but the formula uses meters instead of feet. So, the same 40' x 30' roof would be 12.2 meters (length) x 9.1 meters (width) which comes out to 111 square meters (m²).

Square feet to square meters

There isn't any actual square foot to square meter conversion formula. One square foot equals 0.0929 square meters, so if you need to convert from square feet to square meters, multiply the square foot value by 0.0929. Using the roof shingle example, 100 square feet equals 9.2903 square meters.