Metric and Standard Dual Tape Measures

Measurements matter in the construction industry so learning to correctly translate measurements from the Imperial System to the Metric System is critical.

Metric tape measures for Americans

The Metric System and Imperial System are so dissimilar it would be difficult for most Americans to go from using an Imperial tape measure to a Metric tape measure all at once. Fortunately, Stanley® makes a Metric/Imperial dual tape measure that makes it easier to compare the two systems, while learning some of the Metric System measurements used in the construction industry.

Stanley® Powerlock™ metric tape measure

The Stanley Powerlock metric tape measure is similar in size to the regular 25' Powerlock tape measure, and fits inside all our tool belt holders from the McGuire-Nichols to the Home Depot Husky tape holder. The dual tape measures up to 26 feet (8-meters), has a 10' rigid reach, and is Made in America (with global materials).

Stanley Powerlock metric tape measure markings

There's quite a bit of info on the Stanley Powerlock dual tape measure. There are millimeters and centimeters, along with inches and feet. The dual tape measure also highlights the 16" on-center markings with the metric equivalent, and has the standard black diamond truss layout marks. The image below shows some of the Stanley Imperial/Metric dual markings on the tape blade:

Metric-Imperial tape measure marking side by side

Metric-only tape measure

If you're already familiar with the Metric System and want to buy a metric-only tape measure, the Komelon 8-meter tape measure is similar in size to a Stanley FatMax™ 30-foot tape, has an 'Easy Grip' outer covering, and stays rigid to 3.5 meters, which is similar to the Stanley 10-foot rigidity standard. It's made in Korea, has the standard belt clip, and fits in all the tool holders, but it doesn't have any markings other than millimeters and centimeters. The image below compares the Stanley dual tape blade with the Komelon metric-only tape blade:

Stanley and Komelon metric tapes side by side

Where to buy metric dual tape measures

We bought the Stanley Metric Powerlock tape at a brick and mortar Home Depot. Currently, Amazon doesn't carry the Metric Powerlock tape, but they do carry the Metric FatMax (ad) and another called the Stanley Tylon tape. Here's a link for the Komelon metric tape

The Metric System is coming to the American construction industry and once you get past the initial learning curve, you'll see it's way easier than our current Imperial System. A dual metric tape measure is a good way to start learning.