Fulton Woodworking Saw Blade Storage Rack

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When searching for a circular saw blade storage rack to organize our workshop, we wanted a storage rack that could be mounted on the wall, and the Fulton saw blade storage rack has worked out well so far.

The Peachtree/Fulton Woodworking saw blade storage rack safely holds up to eight circular saw blades from 7.25" to 12" diameter in rubber lined slots, but it can also hold a 6.5" saw blade. The cleats are wide enough to make it easy to inventory the saw blades, and the rack will accommodate most 2-pack and 3-pack 7.25" circular saw blades.

Peachtree and Fulton Woodworking trademark names

The Fulton Woodworking Tools circular saw blade rack in this 2021 article is still sold under the Fulton Woodworking name, but around 2017-2018 it looks like Peachtree Woodworking took over the trademark name so moving forward, the rack may be listed on Amazon as the Peachtree 2271 (ad) saw blade storage rack. The rack is made in Taiwan according to the Fulton box. The image below shows the Fulton Woodworking box.

Fulton Woodworking saw blade rack box

Saw blade storage rack assembly and dimensions

The Fulton saw blade rack didn't come with any instructions but there's really only one way for the rack to be assembled, and all hardware is included along with a small wrench and three screws to attach the rack to the wall. Assembling the saw blade rack took less than five minutes. The assembled rack dimensions without saw blades are as follows: 12.50" tall overall. The metal mounting plate is 9.50" tall and 3.25" wide. The rack protrudes 6.25" from the wall, and is 7.75" wide. The image below the dimensions for the Peachtree circular saw blade rack:

Peachtree saw blade rack dimensions

Alternate circular saw blade storage racks

We're storing mostly 7.25" blades and the Fulton saw blade storage rack from Amazon is fine for our needs. It's sturdy, the rubber cleats protect the blades, it holds multi-packs, and comes with all installation hardware. If your saw blades consist of larger 10" blades or you want saw blade holders that are portable, the Big Horn Saw Blade Holder, or the Blade Buddy Saw Blade Holder (both from Amazon) are good alternatives.

Saw blade storage rack video

Here's a quick video showing the Peachtree circular saw blade storage rack: