Wall Control Metal Pegboard

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Pegboard storage systems have been organizing workshops and garages for decades, and when we reorganized our workshop recently, Wall Control metal pegboard was the first item purchased. It's strong, durable, was easy to install, and is made in America.

Wall Control peghook hangers

The Wall Control metal pegboard panels have both pegboard holes for conventional peghooks, as well as slots to accept Wall Control's patented slotted tool holders and accessories. The holes and slots are one inch apart and the peghook holes are 1/4 inch wide.

The Wall Control slotted hooks work by sliding the hooks into the metal pegboard until they're seated in the slot, so the Wall Control panels need to be installed with the slots in a vertical position if you're using the slotted hangers. The pegboard orientation doesn't matter if you're using peghhooks. The panels come in a range of colors and sizes with the 16" x 32" two-pack (Amazon), being the most popular size. The image below shows the spacing of the Wall Control slots and peghook holes.

Wall Control pegboard hole spacing

Wall Control installation instructions

Installing the Wall Control panels was simple and straightforward. The instructions are clearly written, and covers installing the Wall Control on wood and sheetrock, but doesn't cover installing the pegboard on concrete. Like most pegboard, the Wall Control metal pegboard is strongest when attached to solid wood, and the screws are included. Plastic mollys and screws are also included for attaching the Wall Control panels to sheetrock if installing the pegboard to solid wood isn't an option. The image below shows a page from the Wall Control installation instructions.

Wall Control  installation instructions

Wall Control installation tools

Depending on your installation details, you'll need either a level or tape measure (or both), a drill and drill bit to drill pilot holes, and a Phillips bit for attaching the pegboard to wood. If you're using the plastic mollys, you'll still need to drill holes for the mollys, but you'd be better off with a screwdriver when installing the screws into the mollys because a drill might have too much power.

Wall Control pegboard alternatives

We're happy with the Wall Control metal pegboard, but here are a couple of non-metal pegboard choices (both links go to Amazon):

This Wall Peg plastic pegboard includes four 24 x 16 inch panels for a total of either a 24" tall x 64" wide or a 16" tall x 96" wide pegboard setup. The Wall Peg pegboard can be mounted vertical or horizontal and the 1/4" peg holes are on 1" centers. It's made of some kind of Poly-Tuff plastic and the manufacturer claims it can be used outdoors in all weather.

The Triton HDB pegboard is made of high-density fiberboard so may not be as water resistant as metal or plastic pegboard, but it has the advantage of being much easier and safer to cut with a circular saw if there's a beam or joist in the way of the pegboard layout. The Amazon listing says it's supposed to come with mounting hardware, but several reviewers have said there wasn't any hardware included.

Wall Control Unboxing video